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Children &

Young people

Youth of all age groups

Young people are often honest and real, extremely sensitive and lots of fun. It is possible for young people to let go of their hurts and make dramatic shifts in a short space of time, and so counselling youth is very dynamic.

If you are a parent or guardian who has concerns about your child, feel free to contact me for a FREE half hour consultation over the phone or in person.


It feels really important to be able to explore what works for each young client, and so as a Counsellor I like to have lots of ideas up my sleeve!

Depending on the age of the child or teenager, I draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience from my Level 7 post qualifying diploma in Counselling Children & Young People. With younger children who may find it more challenging to put words to how they are feeling I use:


  • Sand trays

  • Drawing/artwork

  • Interactive card games

  • Association techniques

  • Toys and animals

With older children and adolescents, it can be a matter of simply talking and sharing or else we can bring in exercises and games to make things interesting and provide alternative ways for them to express themselves. I also use visualisations to help young people to get in touch with their deeper feelings.

For more information about prices and availability you can email or fill in a contact form.

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