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Counselling services for all ages, based in Somerset, UK.

Offering short term or ongoing support with everyday life challenges - such as anxiety, crisis, depression, eating disorders, trauma, lack of meaning or self worth and loss.

"I work with a wide range of clients from young children to seniors, in a private practice in Bath as well as at

a beautiful clinic on the outskirts of Frome" - READ MORE

Great news! Bookings can now be made online...

For new clients select 'book my first appointment' and for existing clients just log in to the portal.




Developing awareness and confidence with practical tools to deal with the pressures of modern day life.


Fostering change by supporting clients to make new and positive choices for themselves.


Encouraging a willingness to open up and talk about what can be very isolating conditions.


Helping young people to find alternative coping mechanisms to relieve distress.


Working with the body to release the impact of PTSD from single events or recurring trauma from neglect or abuse.


Support with building self-awareness in order to develop healthy relationships with others.


Welcome to the Altair Counselling Services website!

In case you are wondering, Altair (Alpha Aquilae) is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, and the 12th most luminous in the entire night sky.

Altair is located in Bath, UK, and I offer a range of Counselling Services including private and group Counselling and workshops. Do get in touch if you are looking for some extra support with mental health challenges, such as Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self Harm or Trauma.

Services are available to everyone from small children to the elderly (as well as everyone in between), however I specialise in working with young people of all ages.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, or to make an appointment for a FREE half hour consultation to assess the specific needs of yourself, a family member or friend.



Yours truly,

Janet Williams

Director and Founder

About Janet & Testimonials

BA Hons, Psychotherapeutic Counselling Diploma (L5), Post Qualifying Diploma (L7) in Counselling Children & Young People, MSc Psychology

Janet has almost 20 years experience working in counselling and therapy and has a unique approach in looking at all aspects of an 'issue' and tracking it back to it's root cause - be it a hurt, rejection, expectation, abusive relationship or other. Janet has a passion for working with children and young people...

No matter how distressed I maybe feeling or what events have occurred in my life, Janet has a way of supporting me back to myself and the bigger picture. After each session I go back out into the world empowered, where I make loving choices - choices that are truly valuable. There's a transformation that takes place within the session that then continues beyond.

Working with Janet has been immensely valuable for me; the progress I have made in the six months I have been with her has been phenomenal, I have never before experienced this steady and consistent breaking through old beliefs and long held attitudes, reaching a depth that is already enhancing my relationship with myself and others.

When I first started seeing Janet I had been struggling to cope for a long time. Janet offered a loving and safe environment for me to peel back the layers and look at what I was holding onto. It has been a powerful and transformative process, and I never thought I would be where I am today. It’s been life changing. My utmost thanks to Janet. 

Janet's easy way of being with people is a gift she gives to each client. Her non-judgemental way of listening is so refreshing. Completely accepting of where I am – in each moment – allows the safety that is vital in any healing environment.

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 For further information, or to arrange an initial free half hour consultation, please contact Janet:
07731 548914

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