Janet has almost 20 years experience working in counselling and therapy and has a unique approach in looking at all aspects of an 'issue' and tracking it back to it's root cause - be it a hurt, rejection, expectation, abusive relationship or other. Janet has a passion for working with children and young people...

No matter how distressed I maybe feeling or what events have occurred in my life, Janet has a way of supporting me back to myself and the bigger picture. After each session I go back out into the world empowered, where I make loving choices - choices that are truly valuable. There's a transformation that takes place within the session that then continues beyond.

Working with Janet has been immensely valuable for me; the progress I have made in the six months I have been with her has been phenomenal, I have never before experienced this steady and consistent breaking through old beliefs and long held attitudes, reaching a depth that is already enhancing my relationship with myself and others.

When I first started seeing Janet I had been struggling to cope for a long time. Janet offered a loving and safe environment for me to peel back the layers and look at what I was holding onto. It has been a powerful and transformative process, and I never thought I would be where I am today. It’s been life changing. My utmost thanks to Janet. 

Janet's easy way of being with people is a gift she gives to each client. Her non-judgemental way of listening is so refreshing. Completely accepting of where I am – in each moment – allows the safety that is vital in any healing environment.

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